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his watch. It was getting on toward time. He left the door
unlocked, for the girl should be coming in almost any time
now, and went down the back stairs to the alley. He saw no
one in the alley.

He went into the stable to look at his mare. He glanced at
his watch again, and saw that he had a few minutes to wait.
He did not want to see Professor Ball and the others until it
was time to go. It wasn't that they would ask him questions;
it wasn't that, but he would discover their eyes fixed upon
him. He unfolded the paper, and leaning against the stall
door, began to read the account of the proceedings of the
previous afternoon. He read on, but realized that the words
were meaning nothing to him. He stuffed the paper into his
pocket, and stood there.

He entered the hotel by the back way and climbed the
narrow back stairs. On the second floor, at the head of the
stairs, he saw Isabella, waiting. "Hurry!" she said to him,
whispering breathlessly, "go away. Soldiers, and some other
men, they came for you, they're hunting you. Hurry-----"

The whiteness of her face was there before him in the dim